Catherine Gregory
Kanji: キャサリン・グレゴリー
Romaji: Kyasarin Guregorī
Status: Alive
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Affiliations: Britain Kingdom
Relatives: Gregory IV (father)
Manga Debut: Chapter 2
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Catherine Gregory (キャサリン・グレゴリー, Kyasarin Guregorī) is the princess of Britain Kingdom and the daughter of king Gregory IV. She is very rare, a god-blessed virgin, born in the eve of the holy night. One in a thousand year existence that grants a miracle for a Roar user. Given as offering, the person will gain a tremendous power to rule the world for entirety. Because of that, she was kidnapped by McMahon and many other people are after her.


Catherine is a young beautiful girl, with a light colored hair, with 2 pony tails and chest long hair.


She is a very kind and sweet girl, very thankful and thinking that both Juu and Han are kind people and that they get along quite good, even though they fight all the time.


She was first seen in her cell, when McMahon Kelly ordered Berry to attack Juu and Han. Later Han found her in her cell, where she thanked him for freeing her. She told Han who she was and that McMahon have kidnapped her and planned to offer her to the black magic to gain full power of Roar. When they went on the deck, McMahon wanted her back, but Han threatened him that he will kill her if he continues to wreck havoc on the ship, but McMahon used his power to take her back. He was about to sacrifice her to the Roar, but was saved by Juu and Han. Seeing them fight McMahon, she though that they move like one. After killing McMahon and saving her, she thanked them for saving her life. Juu and Han started fighting for who to take her, while she though they are soul mates and understand each other quite good, even though they speak different languages and that she is very honoured to meet such great people.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

As and ordinary human, she doesn't posses any additional strength than a normal female human have.