Kanji: ベリー
Romaji: Berī
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Red Skeleton Pirates
Manga Debut: Chapter 2
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Berry (ベリー, Berī) is a pirate working under the McMahon Kelly's Red Skeleton pirate crew. Upon meeting Juu and Han, he was already dead, but was still alive due to taking Roar power from his captain.


Berry is a tall, skin man, with large black hair. He have a 2-part small moustache and a mole on the left side of his chin.


Berry is a loyal man, that follows his captain's orders without hesitation.


McMahon asked Berry to go and kill Juu and Han, since the Red Skeleton pirates were being obliterated by those two. He agreed and went and attacked both Juu and Han. Berry was fighting both men, but one of his attacks scratched Han, while Juu was able to block it. Juu mocked Han, who only got angry and started fighting Berry alone. Han started stabbing Berry from various directions, without Berry being able to block or dodge his attacks. He eventually unleashed his final attack, that peeled all of Berry's skin and killed him. Han then cut opened him and saw that his organs are already decomposing, and McMahon said that he was only being alive, due to taking from his Roar power.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Berry uses 2 three-blade swords with chains at the back, allowing him to use them as whips. McMahon used his Roar power on Berry, keeping him alive and according to him, he was able to slaughter one hundred spanish soldiers all by himself.